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The Titans - The Heavyweight Showdown @ Red Lion (Leos)

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Date of event:
Friday 22 January 2010
Time of event:
Starts at 20:00

Place of event:
Red Lion (Leos)  (Kent)

Where is it?
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Cost of tickets:
£5.00 (£5.00 RM Members) (£5.00 With Flyer)

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Event information

Silent Descent: The 14 legged trance metal juggernault that is Silent Descent get ready to invade Gravesend. The Bloodstock and Download Festivals, Kerrang and Metal Hammer have all fallen for their explosive mix of dance and metal. Will you be next?

"Silent Descent, the trance metal juggernaught the world has been waiting for" - Metal Hammer Magazine

"Playing an intriguing mix of melodic death metal and trance beats, Silent Descent are on a mission to pummel anything and everything in their path. Heavy, melodic and groovy." - Powerplay

"The electronic parts are so catchy you'll be suppressing apple-picking urges for weeks after hearing them, and with the added weight of metal riffs and properly pedal-pounding drumwork, the created contrast makes you want to lose your mind: moshing, dancing and headbanging at the same time!" - Rockfreaks.net

"The main room is rammed full of enthusiastic fans being beaten over the heads with pulsating trance one minute and heavy guitars the next." - Rock Matrix


Infestation: Death Metal - check. Grindcore - check. Metal - check. Interesting religious viewpoints forming the centrepoint of material - check. Prepare to be blown away by a sea of relentless rage - enough said!


The Custard Chuckers: If you need some comedy, good music and a large crowd get some custard down ya!


Sanctorum: Big riffs, big vocals, big songs and Metal as F**k.

Sanctorum have appeared alongside Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Saxon, Ill Niņo, God Forbid, My Ruin, Godsized, Napalm Death, Still Remains, Engel, Evile, Biomechanical, Omnium Gatherum, Forever Never, Exilia, Civillian, Speedtheory, Illuminatus, Gutworm, Murder 1, The More I See, etc....

"This set sent shivers down the spine and was one of the best thirty minutes of the festival." - KomodoRock.com (Bloodstock Festival)

"...Huge groove-laden metal assault!..." - RockSomething.com

"SANCTORUM are 'one of the best Thrash Metal bands the UK has produced', PERIOD." - Powerplay Magazine

------------ about The Titans - The Heavyweight Showdown at Red Lion (Leos).

Other information

Bands playing: Silent Descent, Infestation, The Custard Chuckers, Sanctorum, Zocalo, Sanity Burns, A Chaos Within

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